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Our shop is a beauty salon that can solve various problems with careful dry cutting techniques.

The first thing I want to tell you is that now, no matter what kind of problems you have in your hair, you can change your hair with the power of cutting.

At What Comes Around,

Spreading, uncoordinated, curly hair, voluminous hair…

We will lead the customer’s troubled hair to a hair that can be easily handled and just by drying it.

The stylist will clean your hair one-on-one so that you can leave it to you with peace of mind.

When you come to the store, we will carefully listen to you with special counseling so that you can understand your concerns.

After that, we will start the treatment in a calm space.

It’s fundamentally different from the previous cuts, and I will carefully cut each hair.

We will introduce the beautiful cutting technique and reliable services provided by What Comes Around, so please check it out.

『just blow dry, its done』

To become an ideal hairstyle, carefully put scissors in one hair and cut it.

It fully brings out and expresses the beauty of the original hair.

It’s easy to organize your hair just by cutting it, it won’t spread, and you just need to dry it at home.

➡︎Customer’s improvement examples and impressions

Courteous counseling

In addition to checking your hair, we will also ask you to your hair problems and where you have not been satisfied.

We will carefully and carefully counsel you for about 30 minutes.

Reserved-only space

Since you are one-on-one with the person in charge, you can spend your time calmly without changing the staff.

Relax your time in a special space.

5 commitments

『I want our customers to take care of their hair with peace of mind.』

『I want you to get your ideal hairstyle and spend every day bright.』

I will introduce the five commitments that What Comes Around values.

just blow dry, it looks cool-New York Dry Cut

Are you satisfied with your hairstyle?

  • ・I want you to cut it carefully over time instead of a 10- to 15-minute cut.
  • ・I don’t want you to cut the thinning scissors with leather.
  • ・The finish at the beauty salon can’t be reproduced at home.
  • ・After a haircut, 1 to 2 weeks, your hair becomes difficult to handle.

In this way, it is “just blow dry, it looks cool-New York Dry Cut ” to solve the problems of those who can’t meet a satisfactory cut no matter which beauty salon they go to.

If you cut your hair carefully, your hair will be surprisingly easy to handle.

We will do a polite treatment, so it takes longer than a normal beauty salon.

*Please come to the store with plenty of time.

『The explanation of “just blow dry, it looks cool-New York Dry Cut ” is here』➡︎

Courteous counseling

Appropriate treatment for customers can only be done with careful counseling.

We will judge the condition of your hair with professional eyes and ask you about your concerns one by one.

  • ・「I can’t convey what I’m always thinking…」
  • ・「It’s hard to tell a hairdresser..」
  • ・「 want you to listen carefully to your worries…」

At What Comes Around, I want all the customers in front of me to be satisfied.

Therefore, customers who come to the store for the first time will have about 30 minutes of counseling time.

n addition to the hairstyle you want, we will ask you about your hair and scalp problems, the lifestyle you long for, the dissatisfaction you felt at the previous beauty salon, and the experience of failure.

It’s natural that the finished hairstyle is good on the day you visit the store.

What’s really important is the period from the next day to the next visit.

I think it’s important to understand the customer in order to get the ideal hairstyle.

Commitment to scalp care

No matter how much you stick to the cut, you can’t do anything without beautiful hair.

By adjusting the environment of the scalp, beautiful and healthy hair will grow.

If you prepare the scalp environment and make a foundation to grow your hair, your hair will be voluminous, firm, and firm, and it will also prevent thinning and hair loss.

In other words, by taking care of your scalp, you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful for a long time.

Raise the age of the scalp with scalp care, create a healthy scalp environment and nurture healthy hair.

Reserved-only space

If you go to a beauty salon, you tend to get tired from long hours of treatment.

I want the time you spend at the beauty salon to be special.

In order to have a pleasant time in the best space, our shop has set a limit on the number of people.

Each person in charge will respond one-on-one.

We have made devised ways to make you feel at ease, and we are waiting for you.

Technical assurance

In order to satisfy everything, we will give you a technical guarantee.

If you have any concerns after returning home, we will give you a re-treatment for free.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

『What is just blow dry, it looks cool-New York Dry Cut?』

To become the ideal hairstyle, do not thinning hair, put scissors on each hair and cut it.

I will make use of all the hair curls and flows to make a hairstyle.

A super delicate cutting technique that stacks each hair for the image of the finish.

By cutting it carefully

  • ・After cutting, the style will collapse in 1-2 weeks.
  • ・If you just dry it with a hair dryer, it will not splash or swell as you want.
  • ・The tip of the hair looks dry and painful.
  • ・My hair is flat and there is no volume, or the volume is too much.
  • ・It’s hard to handle because of curly hair.

You can solve your problems with cutting techniques.

Take time carefully to fully bring out and express the beauty of your hair.

The haircut makes your hair together, it won’t spread, and you just need to dry it at home.

You can reproduce the finish of the beauty salon with simple care.

I would like you to experience that it will change surprisingly just by cutting.

➡︎Customer’s improvement examples and impressions

just blow dry, it looks cool-New York Dry Cut makes…

  • ・It gives a soft texture to hard and heavy hair.
  • ・Smose natural volume to thin hair.
  • ・Utilizing curly hair, it will not swell and will be easy to handle.
  • ・The fingers of the hair and the tip of the hair are different.
  • ・It becomes the silhouette you want every time you cut it.

The natural and three-dimensional silhouette makes it easy to reproduce the style just by drying it, making daily care much easier.

The raised neckline and bangs can also be naturally adjusted by cutting.

The fingers of dry-cut hair are smooth, leading to beautiful and healthy hair.

Even if your hair grows, it will grow beautifully as it is, so it’s hard to lose your style even after a few months.

The style lasts longer than ever.

Aren’t you giving up on your hair problems?
  • ・No matter which beauty salon I go to, I haven’t found a satisfactory cut.
  • ・I want you to cut it carefully over time instead of a 10- to 15-minute cut.
  • ・I don’t want you to cut the thinning scissors with leathe
  • ・The finish at the beauty salon can’t be reproduced at home.
  • ・After a haircut, 1 to 2 weeks, your hair becomes difficult to handle.
  • ・I don’t know the hairstyle that suits you.
  • ・The hairstyle doesn’t last long.
  • ・I’m worried about whether I can continue to straighten my hair for the rest of my hair.

If you have any hair problems like this, please come to What Comes Around

I’m sure you’ll like the dry cut.

➡︎Customer’s improvement examples and impressions

Explanation of dry-cut treatment

I will explain the flow of dry cutting.

The treatment is carefully and carefully every time you come to the store.

Please feel the cohesiveness and reproducibility of the finish that you have never experienced before.


We will ask you in detail about your usual hair problems, how to care for your home, and your history of color and perm so far.

② shampoo

Shampoo while removing the pores and waste products on the hair with a magic bubble.

We choose from several types of shampoos according to your hair quality, hair concerns, and skin.


While drying, we will firmly check the habit of hair, hair flow, how it spreads, etc. that you could not see at the time of counseling.

④ blocking

While looking closely at the balance between the shape of the head, the flow of the hair, and the face, we will divide the hair into blocks.

The blueprint of the hairstyle will be completed at this time.

⑤Blow, straightening iron

To make it easier to see each hair, and to make it easier to see how each hair overlaps.


The cut is done with only one scissors.

I don’t use thinning scissors or leather.

⑦ sinks

I will flush it once to finish it in the same condition as your home.

⑧Confirmation of finish

Unused techniques that only hairdressers can do

I will finish it with.

“Just dry it” makes it beautiful, cool, and easy to finish, so you can reproduce the finish at the beauty salon at home.

It takes 2 to 2.5 hours from counseling to here.

It’s a polite technique, so it’s a complete reservation system.

➡︎Customer’s improvement examples and impressions

Menu of What Comes Around

♦︎Color esthetics (usually 3h, first time 3.5h)

What Comes Around’s proud dry cut and coloring course

For new customers, we will use microbubbles (magic bubbles) when shampooing as a bonus.

The color is gently dyed with chemicals that do little damage to the scalp and hair.

♦︎Scalp soft esthetic salon (usually 2.5h, first 3h)

It is a simple course that is a set of What Comes Around’s dry cut and our popular scalp esthetic “Scalp Soft Course”

♦︎Dry cut (usually 2h, first 2.5h)

A dry cut that is proud of What Comes Around. With a careful dry cut, you can get the most out of what you have.

♦︎Color esthetics and soft scalp esthetics (usually 3.3h, first 4h)

It is a course that includes the dry cut and coloring of What Comes Around, and our very popular scalp esthetic “scalp soft course.

➡︎Click here for details of the menu and price

*The parentheses are the approximate time of the treatment.

*All menus include shampoo, dry cut, and styling.

About the reservation

What Comes Around is a complete reservation system so that you can cherish your time with customers.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Reservations can be made by online reservation, LINE, or phone.

The reservation procedure is as follows.

WEB reservation

①Please select a person in charge. If you do not have a request, please select 【指名しない】.

②Please select a menu. If you are new, please select from 【ご新規様メニュー】

③Please select the day and time. We can only guide you to the part of 【◯】. You can’t select【×】 or 【-】.

④Please enter your information and check the details of your reservation.

⑤The reservation will be completed. Thank you very much.

LINE reservation

After【友達追加(add friends)】 your LINE account, you will receive an automatic message, so please reply accordingly.

We will reply to you within 24 hours and guide you smoothly.

Reservation by phone

※※Because it is a one-on-one treatment, it may be difficult to answer the phone. Please feel free to contact us from LINE.

Questions and answers before coming to the store


My hair was very damaged at the last beauty salon. I’m worried about leaving my hair to the hairdresser.


I’m worried. It hurts my heart to have such an experience in a place that should be beautiful.

In addition to drug damage, there is damage caused by how to cut the hair.

Carefully judge the condition with counseling,

A skilled person in charge will focus on you one-on-one and perform the treatment.

Therefore, there is no shortage of technical skills or accidents (hair damage) caused by the congestion in the store.

In some cases, we will propose a stop or postponement of the menu.

It’s all for your hair.


It seems to take some time, but does it take time every time?


In order to satisfy you, we thoroughly make our first counseling and medical records.

If this is not done properly, there will be a misalignment between the customer and the stylist.

It will take time only for the “first time” so that it doesn’t happen.

After the second time, we will start after confirming the change in hair quality from the previous treatment.

Please be assured that it will not take much time for the first time.


Even if it’s my first reservation, can I make a reservation online or LINE?


Yes! Please make a reservation online and make a reservation from LINE.

Because we are doing one-on-one treatment, depending on the timing, you may not be able to answer the phone.

You can make a reservation more smoothly by making a reservation online or LINE.


Can I go to the What Comes Around at my age?


Please come and visit us!

At What Comes Around, it is a salon set up for women who are in trouble with their hair, and women who want to handle their hair easily and beautifully.

Women who long for beautiful hair regardless of age, please come.

At the end・・・

I’m Iwahashi, the representative of What Comes Around.

Thank you for reading so far.

We are the greatest pleasure to be impressed by our customers.

That’s why I’m pursuing technology every day.

I went anywhere to Osaka, Tokyo, and New York to study.

This dry cut is a technology that we can really offer with confidence.

A hairstyle is often compared to a picture frame.

No matter how wonderful the picture is, if the picture frame is not good, the charm of the picture will be halved.

It may be exaggerated, but I think my life will change if the cut changes.

There are many things that can be solved by cutting what has never been done before.

Just by cutting your hair, you will feel refreshed, and there is a mysterious power to cut.

Just by drying it, it’s together.

一If you add a lot of effort, it will be cooler.

If it’s such a hairstyle, it will surely be a fun day.

We look forward to your visit for a wonderful day.

※During the cut, you will concentrate too much and the conversation will stop, but please don’t hesitate to talk to me.

➡︎Explanation of smooth reservation method

➡︎Customer’s improvement cases, impressions received